Giant Spoon is a new kind of marketing strategy and innovation agency designed for the future of communication, built from the ground up. Media no longer has any boundaries, it’s simply any connection between a person and a brand.  

We are not a digital agency, but an everything agency that embraces digital culture and always starts with the idea. We believe in idea-centric strategy, where the idea is the strategy amplified through content, technology, and media.

What we do



We believe in the philosophy of Idea-Centric Strategy. The way we approach insights, culture and communications requires a new type of thinking. We create marketing blueprints that inspire brands with creative ways to come to life anywhere and everywhere.


Ideas and innovation are all about customization. Whether we are creating something never-been-done-before or inventing a new way for a partner to bring a brand to life, everything is custom. Ideas have no boundaries or limits when everything around us is media.


The traditional RFP-driven approach to media planning is not right for every brand. Rather than RFP media vendors, we custom-build plans for clients working with media partners to craft breakthrough connections amplified by content, digital, technology and innovation.