Giant Spoon is a new kind of marketing and innovation agency designed for the future of communication, built from the ground up. Media no longer has any boundaries, it’s simply any connection between a person and a brand. We are not a digital agency, but an “everything agency” that embraces digital culture and always start with the idea. We believe in idea-centric strategy, where the idea is the strategy amplified through content, technology and media.

At Giant Spoon, we don’t issue RFPs. We encourage our clients to prioritize impact over impressions, and to reimagine what “media” means in a mobile-first video-dominated world. We believe that media partnerships - true partnerships and not just transactions - are both effective for brands and more interesting for consumers than the one-way legacy approach.



Entrepreneurs. Dreamers. Thinkers. Challengers. Doers. Creators. Builders. Innovators. Disruptors. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a strong appetite for new technology, emerging platforms, pop culture, and everything in between. An insatiable curiosity combined with the ability to translate intelligence and ideas is essential. Our product is people and we want our clients to demand that Giant Spoon employees are in every key marketing meeting. We make ourselves essential through deep knowledge of the consumer, technology, and culture.