B2B but way better.

In a cybersecurity space often ruled by dry messaging and executions, we approached growing HP’s business-to-business printer division by immersing our audience in a fictional, visceral world. To show how major companies can be brought down through unprotected printers, we created the Hollywood-level episodic digital film series, “The Wolf.” Dramatizing the dangers of these vulnerabilities, we helped audiences understand that these real-life cyber threats could be responsible for their businesses’ demise. With actor Christian Slater as “The Wolf,” proprietary information from a company is harnessed through unprotected printers––culminating with him exposing its secrets to the entire world. The next iteration of the ongoing campaign featured Breaking Bad co-star Jonathan Banks as he takes on the role of “The Fixer” sent in to thwart Slater’s attacks. In this cinematic series, we reminded audiences that if they’re not taking their device security seriously, someone else might be.

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