We took listening experiences to new heights– literally.

Telling the tale of ‘big industry’ manufacturing is complicated. To showcase how it provides power access to communities in faraway places, GE sought to continue its legacy of using print and audio to tell stories. While both powerful formats, we introduced an entirely new one: a first-of-its-kind magazine void of any words. We aimed to elevate the traditional reading experience by aligning print pages to sound waves, and with an unmatched track record in the audio space, we found a partner in the New York Times Magazine.

Subscribers received the always-anticipated Voyages issue and were prompted to an audio stream designed to be listened to while flipping through the magazine; photos of the world were brought to life––not by reading words––but through sound. We took them on ten sonic journeys––from Mozambique to Hawaii––while GE organically showcased destinations with sounds that are essential in driving its community energy efforts: Chile’s Atacama Desert, the Bujagali Falls on the Nile River, and off the coast of Germany in The North Sea.

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