Growing a brand without losing its soul. 

YETI was founded 13 years ago and grew to cult-brand status on the strength of a line of coolers that keep ice colder, longer, and are nearly indestructible. The loyal core audience (those who first discovered the brand, and stomped the same grounds as the Austin-based company) was the “hook and bullet” crowd: anglers and hunters. Fast forward to 2019, and the company faced a strategic challenge: how to grow into new audience groups, outdoor pursuits, and product verticals– without alienating the roots. 

Following a rigorous dive into the consumer and culture that surrounds the brand, we discovered a deeply authentic (but previously under-celebrated) mindset: based not on competing to win or reaching the highest peak, but on finding meaning in the journey and enjoying the process. This mindset captured both YETI’s founding spirit and future growth potential in one breath. And it became our muse in our narrative-driven product awareness campaign, “In Pursuit Of.” Each film tells the story of a YETI ambassador– including world-renowned big mountain snowboarder Robyn Van Gyn, and world-class fly fisherman Oliver White– who are each portrayed enjoying the more relatable side of their lives. It’s not the biggest mountain or biggest catch that drives them, it’s the pursuit of the process and the relationships that process builds. In these spots, YETI products are showcased exactly how the ambassadors normally would– in a day surf trek with friends and traveling between work and family time– and ultimately, how consumers would too.


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