A social experiment on our real-world future.

Season 3 of HBO’s Westworld is set in the near future of 2050, where technology and AI guide daily interactions. Incite, a data company featured, predicts and optimizes human destiny using an algorithm designed to chart the path of humanity. To celebrate the next chapter of the series, we set out to position Incite as a real company, showing fans that in many ways, this future is already our reality.

After its unveiling at the Wired25 Conference in the fall, Incite took on CES, simultaneously inserting the show into the conversations on data privacy and showcasing the potential implications firsthand. Using information harvested exclusively from online profiles, but under the guise of the company’s strategy engine, guests’ data was served right back to them in a customized dining experience— allowing them to bear witness to a future in which the use of personal data is boundless. Each guest had a uniquely-written script that was brought to life by Incite representatives and staff members who shared the company’s vision. The evening culminated in a Keynote presentation from Incite’s Development Co-Chair and a deep dive into one guest’s data profile that chilled others to the bone. 

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